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Petite Plume -The Best Men's Pajamas Double As Obscenely Comfy Daywear
"The Best Men's Pajamas Double As Obscenely Comfy Daywear"
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The best men's pajamas are made for more than just lounging. The most stylish options are heavy on the louche sex appeal (pink tiger-print linen, anyone?!) without compromising on comfort or ease of movement.

But while comfort-enhancing features like elastic waistbands and highly breathable fabrics like modal are great, your sleepwear should also be stylish enough that you wouldn't be embarrassed to at least answer the door—and maybe even leave the house—wearing them. The right PJs should be a year-round flex, from ultra-soft flannel pajama sets that'll make you feel like a worldly sophisticate to silky lounge pants you could—and should!—wear out and about with, say, a big, boxy button-down and a pair of loafers.
Men's Nantucket Tattersall Pajama Set

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